A Brief History of Encyclopaedias: From Pliny to Wikipedia.

Brown, Andrew.

Picture of A Brief History of Encyclopaedias: From Pliny to Wikipedia.
Encyclopaedias are books for everybody and nobody. They pride themselves on being up to date but they become rapidly obsolete. The author investigates the genre, providing a historical survey and a brief list of themes that run through encyclopaedias of all times and cultures. A fascinating read.


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Encyclopedias have traditionally claimed to provide absolute knowledge, yet with information now among the world's most valuable commodities, this Brief History is a timely consideration of how accurate that claim can ever be. While the omissions and distortions of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia may seem easy enough to spot, what are those of, for example, the Britannica, the Universalis and the Brockhaus? And, moreover, is the encyclopedic project fundamentally flawed? Since the Middle Ages, rapid advancements in science have made all encyclopedias effectively obsolete virtually immediately they are published. Has the age of online encyclopedias done away with this problem, or introduced new ones all of its own? A Brief History of Encyclopedias is a fascinating account of an unjustly neglected area of cultural history.

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Author Brown, Andrew.
Format PB
Series Title Brief Histories
Publisher Hesperus Press Ltd
Imprint Hesperus Press Ltd
Number of Pages 112
Publish Date 30/09/2011
Catalogue HIS01
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