A Dictionary of Maori Words in New Zealand English.

Macalister, John.

Picture of A Dictionary of Maori Words in New Zealand English.
For several centuries the sole language of the country that would eventually be known as New Zealand was te reo Maori, the Maori language. But then HMS Endeavour sailed into Poverty Bay and all would change. The aim is to present a thorough picture of the Maori word presence in New Zealand English today.


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A Dictionary of Maori Words in New Zealand English is the first lexical monograph from the research undertaken at the New Zealand Dictionary Centre. New Zealand possesses a relatively young and certainly vibrant variety of English. The influence of Te Reo Maori and the presence of Maori words make a significant contribution to that lexical vitality. Maori words began to enter English in 1769 with the arrival of James Cook and H.M.S. Endeavour. They continue to do so today, with an estimated six words out of every thousand in written and spoken New Zealand English being of Maori origin. These words include the names of flora and fauna, aspects of material and social culture, and new creations, as well as place and personal names.

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Author Macalister, John.
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Publisher Oxford University Press Australia
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Publish Date 15/04/2005
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