A History of Canberra.

Brown, Nicholas.

Picture of A History of Canberra.
It was designed as an ‘ideal city’, and emblem of the nation. But Canberra’s evolution was not smooth, and Brown’s study illuminates the unique, layered, and often colourful history of Australia’s capital. This history is informed by three themes: government, community, and environment, and the author says it is now a symbol of suburban modernity and has emerged as a regional centre of influence. Illustrated with b/w photos. From CUP.


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Designed as an 'ideal city' and emblem of the nation, Canberra has long been a source of ambivalence for many Australians. In this charming and concise book, Nicholas Brown challenges these ideas and looks beyond the cliches to illuminate the unique, layered and often colourful history of Australia's capital. Brown covers Canberra's selection as the site of the national capital, the turbulent path of Walter Burley Griffin's plan for the city and the many phases of its construction. He surveys citizens' diverse experiences of the city, the impact of the Second World War on Canberra's growth and explores the city's political history with insight and wit. A History of Canberra is informed by the interplay of three themes central to Canberra's identity: government, community and environment. Canberra's distinctive social and cultural history as a centre for the public service and national institutions is vividly rendered.

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Author Brown, Nicholas.
Format PB
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Number of Pages 294
Publish Date 1/01/2014
Catalogue Nov19
Catalogue book number 117