A. J. Ayer: Analysing What We Mean.

Hanfling, Oswald.

Picture of A. J. Ayer: Analysing What We Mean.
Best remembered for Language, Truth and Logic

(1936) which introduced British and American readers to the logical positivism of the Vienna Circle, Ayers remains a major contributor to philosophy.


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According to Ayer, philosophy is an activity of analysis, not a means to truth. First principles and metaphysical truths can neither be established or denied byphilosophical enquiry. He tried to prove that verifibility (whether a proposition can be shown to be true or false) was the key principle of philosophical methodology.

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Author Hanfling, Oswald.
Format PB
Series Title Great Philosophers
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Imprint Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Number of Pages 80
Publish Date 27/10/1997
Catalogue Oct19
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