'A Very Fine Commander': The Memories of General Sir Horatius Murray GCB, KBE, DSO (Commander of Legion of Honour and Grand Knight of the Sword Sweden).

Donovan, John (ed.).

Picture of 'A Very Fine Commander': The Memories of General Sir Horatius Murray GCB, KBE, DSO (Commander of Legion of Honour and Grand Knight of the Sword Sweden).
Field Marshal Montgomery apparently commented on hearing that General Murray had written his memoirs, ‘Your Memoirs? Whoever do you think is going to read them?’ Many years passed until his nephew edited what is essentially an historic personal account of a forty year military career starting in Sandhurst in 1922. It is written by a very special man, self-deprecatory with a wicked sense of humour.


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The contrast between soldering in peace and war is well illustrated by 'Nap' Murray's experiences. It took him 16 years to reach the substantive rank of Major in 1938 but by 1944 he was an acting Lieutenant General. His fascinating memoirs, skillfully edited by his nephew, cover an extraordinary career from young officer service in India, China and Egypt, his experiences with t he German Army in 1937 before the dramas of WW2. His accounts of action and injury in the early war years in France, North Africa, Sicily and Normandy, prepare the reader for Murray's long and distinguished record as a Divisional commander in Italy, Palestine, Catterick and finally the Commonwealth Division in Korea. It was Monty himself who described Murray as "A Very Fine Commander'-praise indeed, a memoir can be very revealing about the character of its author. Entirely free of self-aggrandizement or pride this book leaves the reader unsurprised at the success and popularity of its author. AUTHOR: Horatius Murray (1903-1989) was commissioned in the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) in 1923 and played football for the Army and excelled at many other sports. In 1935, he went to Staff College before training with the German Army in 1937. He commandeered the 3rd Battalion The Cameron Highlanders in 1940 before being sent to North Africa where he commanded the 1st Gordon Highlanders. Despite being wounded at El Alamein he commanded no less then four divisions. After commanding Scottish Command he became C-in-C Allied Forces Northern Europe. After retiring in 1961 he dedicated himself to worthy causes notably as Chairman of the Royal Hospital for Incurables Putney. SELLING POINTS: -General 'Nap' Murray's record in WW2 was exemplary, fighting and commanding in France, North Africa, Sicily, Italy and NW Europe -Murray was one of Montgomery's protegees from the dark days of 1940 onwards -He trained with Hilter's Wehrmacht in the 1930s -His career spans 40 years of (mainly) war and peace, rising to be a top NATO Commander -Graphically written with humility and modesty

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