A World Without 'Whom': The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age.

Favilla, Emmy J.

Picture of A World Without 'Whom': The Essential Guide to Language in the BuzzFeed Age.
As chief copy editor for BuzzFeed, Favilla’s at the sharp edge of online editing and was tasked with creating and maintaining a style guide that had a logical integrity, addressing those language issues that demanded a rethink; was attractive to readers; and, of course, encouraged them to click through to the all-important articles. This is the story behind how those decisions were reached.


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A World Without "Whom" is Eats, Shoots & Leaves for the internet age, and BuzzFeed global copy chief Emmy Favilla is the witty go-to style guru of internetspeak. As language evolves faster than ever before, what is the future of "correct" writing? When Favilla was tasked with creating a style guide for BuzzFeed, she opted for spelling, grammar, and punctuation guidelines that would reflect not only the site's lighthearted tone, but also how readers actually use language IRL. With wry cleverness and an uncanny intuition for the possibilities of internet-age expression, Favilla makes a case for breaking the rules laid out by Strunk and White: A world without "whom," she argues, is a world with more room for writing that's clear, timely, pleasurable, and politically aware. Featuring priceless emoji strings, sidebars, quizzes, and style debates among the most lovable nerds of the digital copy world--of which Favilla is queen--A World Without "Whom" is essential for readers and writers of all kinds, including of posts, tweets, texts, emails, and whatever comes next ...so basically everyone.

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Author Favilla, Emmy J.
Format HC
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Imprint Bloomsbury USA
Number of Pages 400
Illustrations B&W illustrations throughout
Publish Date 14/11/2017
Catalogue Mid19
Catalogue book number 199