Across the Pond: Projects Inspired by Quilts of the British Isles.

Havig, Bettina.

Picture of Across the Pond: Projects Inspired by Quilts of the British Isles.
The techniques and styles of British quilts and British fabrics greatly influenced the early quilt makers of American in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Many British quilts are ‘wholecloth’. No patchwork at all, or simply long vertical strips sewed together to produce a bed cover. The projects highlighted here will give you a taste of the traditional quilts of Britain and each one is named for a place or experience in Bettina’s travels. Illustrated with local quilts and shots from her travels all over the UK.


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Add sophistication and charm to your quilts with the projects inspired by the quilts of the British Isles. The frame or medallion quilt projects echo the historical quilts that greatly influenced American quilt makers in the 19th century. In addition there are strippy quilts easily made using the accurate step-by-step directions and reflecting more of the tradition of British quilts. Each quilt or project is named for a memory of Bettina's travels on her many trips. Travel with tour guide Bettina Havig and catch her enthusiasm for these traditional quilts. The lure of the quilts will unfold as you share in her travels. Medallion quilts are impressive and stylish. And they are infectious you can't make just one. Fortunately there are patterns and instructions for several. You will want to make them all!

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Author Havig, Bettina.
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Publisher Kansas City Star Books
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Number of Pages 96
Illustrations 90 Colour Illustrations
Publish Date 8/09/2009
Catalogue Dec18
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