Against the Flow; Wading through Eastern Europe.

Fort, Tom.

Picture of Against the Flow; Wading through Eastern Europe.
In 1990 he drove his little red car through parts of Eastern Europe including Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bohemia, and Hungary. It was a world emerging from Communist rule and everything was changing at an amazing speed. Two decades later with a fishing rod, he retraced his steps, visiting places and seeing friends he had made. Lovely, gentle travel writing.


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And still they keep coming! Since 2004 around a million Poles have settled in Britain. Tom Fort's local newspaper, the Reading Chronicle, has a Polish edition.The new businesses down the town s longest road are all Polish. You can live off Polish bread and Polish sausage, drink Polish beer and dance to Polish bands, worship in a church packed with Polish Catholics, order a wedding cake from a Polish cake maker. And it's not just the Poles. Tom's gym has a Lithuanian trainer.The martial arts teachers are two brothers from the Ukraine.The girl cutting his hair in Henley-on-Thames is from Debrecen in eastern Hungary and has no intention of ever returning. The human river flooding from the east has changed the face, not just of this country, but of western Europe.The continent has come together in a way that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. Some say it s for the worse, that the newcomers have stolen jobs, forced down wages, strained already creaking public services to the point of collaps

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Author Fort, Tom.
Format HC
Publisher Cornerstone
Imprint Century
Number of Pages 320
Publish Date 1/04/2010
Catalogue Nov19
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