Animals Activities.

Picture of Animals Activities.
All the activities in this chunky little activity book involve cute, friendly little kittens, puppies, rabbits, monkeys and so on. Activities include Spot-the-differences, puzzles, follow-the-dots, mazes, colour by numbers plus spelling and number games.


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You'll find a playful menagerie of busy bunnies, merry mice, awesome aardvarks, and other adorable animals in this portable collection of engaging puzzles and coloring pages. Look for mini-crosswords, connect-the-dots, spot-the-differences, color-by-numbers, easy mazes, plus spelling and number games that educate kids as they entertain them. Solutions are included.

Book Details

Format 320
Series Title Dover Little Activity Books
Publisher Dover Publications Inc.
Imprint Dover Publications Inc.
Number of Pages 320
Illustrations illustrations
Catalogue July 2015
Catalogue book number 92