Architecture of Parking.

Henley, Simon.

Picture of Architecture of Parking.
Parking structures are often overlooked, perhaps because they cannot help but be dreadfully ugly. This prize-winning celebration of the form and function of the parking garage provides us with a good look at these surprisingly influential buildings. ‘…indispensable and inspirational resource for professional architects, engineers, urban planners and developers.’ Yet another of the amazing books we picked up on our travels.


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Newly available in paperback, this book remains the only comprehensive international survey of one of the most neglected but most important building types of the modern era: the parking garage. An introduction sets out the history and architectural significance of these buildings and their relevance today, and is followed by four main chapters that define the most influential aspects of parking design: elevations and facade; construction and materiality; the use of light; and, experimentation. The book's wide-ranging importance and detailed plans make it an indispensable and inspirational resource for students, professional architects, engineers, urban planners and developers.

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Author Henley, Simon.
Format PB
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 256
Illustrations 568 illustrations, 227 in colour
Publish Date 23/02/2009
Catalogue Mid18
Catalogue book number 12