Art and Architecture

Picture of Rembrandt and the Passion.

Rembrandt and the Passion.

Black, Peter and Hermens, Erma.

This accompanied an exhibition which 'provides a detailed investigation of a single Rembra...

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Picture of Porcelain Pastille Burners.

Porcelain Pastille Burners.

Devereux, Robert and Wilkinson, Vega.

These are ornamental objects made in various sizes and were designed to hold pastilles, wh...

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Picture of Rome from the Ground Up.

Rome from the Ground Up.

McGregor, James H.S.

Looks at many angles of this wonderful old city - the materials with which Rome was built;...

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Picture of 10 Advertising Principles.

10 Advertising Principles.

Shore, Robert.

An engaging survey which provides clear explanations and over 150 examples of good adverti...

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