Art of the Middle Ages.

Benton, Janetta Rebold.

Picture of Art of the Middle Ages.
The art of this period is closely connected to the Church. These were the days of great cathedrals with spectacular decoration and stained glass. The period also produced a treasure trove of paintings, manuscript illuminations, tapestries, sculpture and jewellery. A lavishly illustrated introduction to a period so significant in Western culture.


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In spite of all the changes in our values and beliefs, the art of the Middle Ages still speaks to us across the centuries. Not only do the great cathedrals remain, many with their spectacular decorations and stained glass, but also a rich treasure trove of paintings, manuscript illuminations, tapestries, sculpture and jewelry. This study encompasses the whole period from Early Christian to late Gothic, the whole of Europe from Ireland to Byzantium, and the whole range of art and architecture. The connections between art and society are particularly stressed, as are the ways in which artistic techniques - such as those used in metalwork and textiles - determined what was produced. Comprehensive and accessible, as well as lavishly illustrated, this is the ideal introduction to a subject that is both visually exciting and profoundly significant to Western culture.

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Author Benton, Janetta Rebold.
Format PB
Series Title World of Art
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 320
Illustrations 250 illustrations, 90 in colour
Publish Date 27/05/2002
Catalogue Jun19
Catalogue book number 7