Australian Natural History Series: Kangaroos.

Dawson, Terence J.

Picture of Australian Natural History Series: Kangaroos.
Explains what kangaroos are, lists the types of kangaroos, discusses their population structure, dispersal and mortality, their social organisation, reproductive biology, life history, their feeding habits and water use, the role of their fur, and thermoregulation. It finishes by discussing the kangaroo and its interaction with the Aborigines and Europeans. A very good study, illustrated, from the CSIRO.


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This book provides a clear and accessible account of kangaroos, showing how their reproductive patterns, social structure and other aspects of their biology make them well adapted to Australia's harsh climate and demanding environment. Since the last edition of this book nearly 20 years ago, much more is now known about the biology and ecology of these iconic animals. This completely revised edition describes these new perspectives and attempts to counter the many urban and rural myths that still exist.

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Author Dawson, Terence J.
Format PB
Series Title Australian Natural History
Publisher CSIRO Publishing
Imprint CSIRO Publishing
Number of Pages 216
Publish Date 1/04/2012
Catalogue Oct19
Catalogue book number 300