Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7: Eastern Front 1941-42.

Khazanov, Dmitriy and Medved, Aleksander.

Picture of Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7: Eastern Front 1941-42.
Soviet fighter’s Yak 1 was no match for the Bf 109 flown by the combat-hardened Jagdwaffe. In 1942 the upgraded Yak 1B and the similar Yak-7 led to the Russians matching their German enemies…it proved to be a real problem for the German fighter pilots. Illustrated with colour artworks and photographs.


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Step into the cockpits of the Luftwaffe's Bf 109 and the Red Air Force's Yaks 1-7, two fighters which were involved in some of the largest, fiercest aerial battles in history. The Iconic Messerschmitt fighter and its combat hardened pilots inflicted a fearful beating on the Yaks in the beginning of the war. Some of the highest scoring aces in history benefitted from the Bf 109's technical superiority over the overweight and underpowered Yak 1, racking up incredible successes against their poorly trained and equipped adversaries. And yet, as the Soviets accumulated combat experience, their tactics improved, as did their mounts in the upgraded Yak 1B and gradually, the Red Force eroded the Jagdwaffe's dominance of the skies in the eastern front, though with the 109G they would never lose qualitative superiority. Featuring first-hand accounts from veteran pilots, rare archival photographs and expert analysis, this volume brings to life the vicious dogfights that took place between the Bf 109 and the Yak as they vied for mastery of the frozen skies of the Eastern Front.

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Author Khazanov, Dmitriy and Medved, Aleksander.
Format PB
Series Title Duel
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Number of Pages 80
Illustrations 55 b/w; 15 col
Publish Date 8/06/2015
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