Biblical Interpretation at Qumran.

Henze, Matthias (ed.).

Picture of Biblical Interpretation at Qumran.
The papers collected here were first presented at a conference entitled 'The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Bible and Biblical Interpretation at Qumran', and are an impressive collection of insightful studies. They shed light on many issues in the Dead Sea Scrolls that were found at Qumran. Topics include interpretation of the law, David as a prophet, the pesharim

, Psalm 91 as a psalm of exorcism and more.


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While many of the forms of biblical interpretation found in the Scrolls have parallels elsewhere in Jewish literature, other kinds are original to the Scrolls and were unknown prior to the discovery of the caves. These chapters explore examples of biblical interpretation unique to Qumran, including legal exegesis and the Pesher. Readers will also find discussion of such fascinating subjects as the "rewritten Bible," views on the creation of humanity, the "Pseudo-Ezekiel" texts, the pesharim, and the prophet David. Contributors: Moshe J. Bernstein Shani Berrin Monica Brady George J. Brooke John J. Collins Peter W. Flint Matthias Henze Shlomo A. Koyfman Michael Segal James C. VanderKam

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