Bird Love.

Jeffreys, Leila.

Picture of Bird Love.

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Fine art photographer Leila Jeffreys captures the beauty and diversity of some of our most colourful and elegant feathered friends. From the birds of her native Australia to North America, Jeffreys seems to see into the very souls of these model-like creatures with her stunning and evocative portraits.Jeffreys works with animal rescue and conservation groups to find subjects to photograph. Her love and compassion for her subjects is evident throughout, and she captures their personalities in her delightful portraits: Commander Skyring the Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Dexter the White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Mrs. Plume the Budgerigar and friends, are as delightfully whimsical as they are beautiful.

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Author Jeffreys, Leila.
Format HC
Publisher Abrams
Imprint Abrams
Number of Pages 204
Publish Date 27/10/2015
Catalogue MP064
Catalogue book number 24