Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad.

Stephens, Richard.

Picture of Black Sheep: The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad.
This really is a weird and wonderful tour of psychological research from around the globe. Looking at every day vices - chewing gum, drinking alcohol, swearing, having sex, driving a car, timewasting and seeking danger - it finds hidden virtues in all of them. So there are benefits in being bad, and you wouldn't have seen them coming!


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Richard Stephens became the focus of international media attention in 2009 for his research on the psychological benefits of swearing as a response to pain. Now, fresh from winning the 2014 Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize, Richard's first popular science book uncovers other pieces of surprising and occasionally bizarre scientific enquiry showing that what we at first perceive as bad can, in fact, be good.More pub conversation than science book, Richard's writing style is very accessible - both engaging and humorous. Think wasting time is bad? Not always! Research shows that taking time out can help you solve difficult problems. And if you can't be bothered tidying up, well fine, research shows that people are more creative in a messy environment. Swearing is rude but research shows that in some situations it can be a form of politeness. Swearing can also be used as a tool of persuasion.Black Sheep casts a slant on a range of human experiences from life to death, sex to romance, from speed thrills to halting boredom and from drinking alcohol (in moderation) to headily excessive bad language. This is a fascinating left-field tour of the world of psychological science. Get ready for the many hidden benefits of being bad that you really won't have seen coming.

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Author Stephens, Richard.
Format PB
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Imprint John Murray Learning
Number of Pages 256
Publish Date 18/06/2015
Catalogue Feb18
Catalogue book number 288