Blinky Bill Classic Treasury: 8 Timeless Stories.

Picture of Blinky Bill Classic Treasury: 8 Timeless Stories.
These illustrated stories are from the much-loved TV series of the ‘90s. Blinky Bill is a cheeky, lovable little koala, and his friends are Nutsy, the girl koala with plenty of common sense, Splodge Kangaroo, Blinky’s slightly pessimistic best mate, and Marcia Mouse, the young mouse with a surprising fighting spirit. The stories honour the message of conservation, as in the original books by Dorothy Wall.


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Follow Blinky as he gets into scrapes, adventures and becomes the unlikely hero in his little town of Australian bush animals.Full of original, iconic artwork Contain 8 classic stories based on the old 90s TV series.For decades the rascally Blinky Bill has entertained children with his antics and adventures. Now, a revamped series of books has been created to introduce this lovable larrikin to a whole new generation of kids!

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Format HC
Publisher The Five Mile Press
Number of Pages 222
Publish Date 1/01/2015
Catalogue Jul18
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