Brief Lives: Stendhal.

Brown, Andrew.

Picture of Brief Lives: Stendhal.
Stendhal was the pseudonym of Henri Beyle and is celebrated today as an originator of the modern novel. This explores his politics (he was a fervent supporter of Napoleon), ambitions, and many passionate love affairs, as well as giving an account of his evolution as a writer.


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Stendhal is remembered today as one of the originators of the modern novel. During his lifetime, however, he was reputed to be a religious dissident and was known as a fervent supporter of Napoleon. This major new biography traces Stendhal's gradual evolution into a writer, following the defeat and exile of his political hero. It explores his politics, ambitions and many passionate love affairs, as well as his emotional relationship with his younger sister Pauline.

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Author Brown, Andrew.
Format PB
Series Title Brief Lives
Publisher Hesperus Press Ltd
Imprint Hesperus Press Ltd
Number of Pages 207
Publish Date 14/04/2010
Catalogue BI001
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