Brief Lives: Virginia Woolf.

Wright, E.H.

Picture of Brief Lives: Virginia Woolf.
The famous author had a well publicised struggle with mental illness and a fluid approach to sexuality and eventually committed suicide.The author has scoured the correspondence of Woolf’s colourful circle of family and friends to illuminate her life and work.


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Virginia Woolf has been among the most scrutinised figures of the past century. Her unique literary genius, her pioneering work for women's rights, her position at the nucleus of the Bloomsbury group, her high-profile family and marriage, her relationship with Vita Sackville-West, and her suicide have all been dissected. Life and art were, for Woolf, inextricably entangled, and the autobiographical elements of many of her works, including the masterpieces To The Lighthouse and The Waves, have heightened interest in this most fascinating of figures. Elizabeth Wright here takes a fresh look at the life and legacy of one of the greatest figures of English literature. Perfect for Woolf enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Brief Lives: Virginia Woolf offers a concise, authoritative account of the author's life, and presents an engaging overview of her afterlife in literary history.

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Author Wright, E.H.
Format PB
Series Title Brief Lives
Publisher Hesperus Press Ltd
Imprint Hesperus Press Ltd
Number of Pages 112
Publish Date 28/10/2011
Catalogue BI001
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