Britain's Band of Brothers.

Keene, Tom.

Picture of Britain's Band of Brothers.
WWII saw the birth of a host of special units with many joining for a variety of reasons; adventure, revenge for the shame of defeat in France and Flanders, while others just wanted a ‘crack at the enemy’. This is an in-depth account of how this secret army of fifty handpicked cross-Channel raiders carried out their missions. It is a true story of clandestine combat and comradeship, of patriotism, tragedy and dawn-cold courage.


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They were Britain's Second World War 'Band of Brothers', a secret army of fifty handpicked, cross-Channel raiders who carried the fight to the enemy shore long before D-Day. Created after the fall of Dunkirk, they commandeered a Brixham fishing boat and planned clandestine attacks on German warships in the Channel. But not all their enemies wore German uniform. Thwarted by rivals working for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), the unit sailed to West Africa where, as part of Special Operations Executive (SOE), they carried out an audacious top-secret raid on neutral shipping. Returning to Britain in triumph and feted now by Churchill himself, they expanded into the Small Scale Raiding Force. In almost twenty daring missions for Combined Operations, whilst operating from a secret manor house in Dorset, they raided German outposts, kidnapped sentries, ambushed patrols and shot prisoners, all the while sowing fear and havoc along the rim of Hitler's Fortress Europe. Britain's Band of Brothers is their story of courage and comradeship, of patriotism, tragedy and dawn-cold courage, told here in full for the first time.

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Author Keene, Tom.
Format HC
Publisher The History Press
Number of Pages 256
Publish Date 1/01/2014
Catalogue May19
Catalogue book number 235