Burma: The Alternative Guide.

Jotow, Elena and Ganz, Nicholas.

Picture of Burma: The Alternative Guide.
Gives a comprehensive and objective insight into the complex realities of this beautiful, harsh South-East Asian country, and provides an informative introduction to its rich but troubled culture and people, with a candid look at its turbulent history and current struggles.


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Currently in the grip of an oppressive military junta whose crimes against the people of the country have been condemned across the world, Burma has been much in the news on account of the recent people uprising in protest at the ruling regime (2007) and the devastating cyclone (2008). Despite this, much of what goes on remains unknown to travelers and would-be travelers. Over a lengthy period, Ganz and Jotow undertook a series of journeys through Burma to uncover the truth about life in Burma today, but also to document the beauty and wonderful cultural heritage of this troubled but remarkable country. Although areas of Burma remain inaccessible due to military restrictions and a lack of infrastructure, the authors reveal both the rich rewards that await the keen traveler seeking unspoilt landscapes and the remarkable warmth of the people they met along the way.

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Author Jotow, Elena and Ganz, Nicholas.
Format PB
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 200
Illustrations 250 illustrations, 235 in colour
Publish Date 6/04/2009
Catalogue Aug18
Catalogue book number 307