Campbell's Weather Compendium.

Campbell, Harry.

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How big was the largest-known snowflake? What is the speed of a falling raindrop? How many people survive being struck by lightning? And where is the windiest place on the planet? This miscellany of meteorological trivia is interspersed with weather-related jokes, literary quotations and seasonal recipes – in short, a deluge of material to use next time you find yourself conversing about the weather. ‘What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance’ - Jane Austen.


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Weather. there's no escaping it. Good, bad, glorious or indifferent, it's always there, looking down on us. When two Englishmen meet it's the first thing they discuss. When two Americans meet the first thing they discuss is how bad the English weather is. And when two Hawaiians meet they are usually too busy sunbathing to talk about the weather. In these days of climate change and concerns over the long-term effects of pollution, we can rapidly see how global weather systems are changing for the worse not only for human beings, but for every creature and micro-organism under the sun. We are all affected by weather. Campbell's Weather Compendium is a fun, informative and fact-filled trivia miscellany of the sun, the moon, the ocean, the atmosphere and anything else that plays such an important part in Planet Earth's weather management.

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Author Campbell, Harry.
Format HC
Publisher Pavilion Books
Imprint Portico
Number of Pages 176
Illustrations 8 Colour Tip In Plates
Publish Date 6/09/2010
Catalogue Oct19
Catalogue book number 293