Chinese Food.

Liu, Junru.

Picture of Chinese Food.
An illustrated gastronomic tour describing the origins of food and drink culture and traditions in China, it traces the epicurean lifestyle from ancient times to the present. Topics include regional variations, advanced culinary techniques, and new dining trends. Chinese food is now enjoyed in every corner of the globe, so this book is sure to be enjoyed by many.


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This illustrated gastronomic tour traces the development of the unique food and drink culture found in China. From ancient to modern times, the Chinese have celebrated an epicurean lifestyle, believing that food is not just meant to fill the stomach, but that an abundance of food denotes good fortune and that knowing what, and how, to eat is crucial to health. Liu Junru explores the traditions surrounding cooking and eating in China, distinctive regional variations, the development of advanced culinary techniques and new dining trends. Chinese Food will be of interest to all those with an interest in the origins of this popular cuisine, now enjoyed in every part of the world.

Book Details

Author Liu, Junru.
Format PB
Series Title Introductions to Chinese Culture
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Imprint Cambridge University Press
Number of Pages 154
Illustrations 150 colour illus.
Publish Date 25/08/2011
Catalogue Dec18
Catalogue book number 24