Chinese Sculpture.

Zhao, Wenbing.

Picture of Chinese Sculpture.
Takes the reader through the sculptural art of China and its unique aesthetic features. The development of Chinese sculpture parallels the history of ancient Chinese culture. Good colour illustrations accompany the text which encompasses the Terracotta Army, Buddhist sculptures, tomb carvings, architectural sculpture, Western influences, and Chinese sculpture today.


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Zhao Wenbing provides an accessible, illustrated introduction to the sculptural art of China, including the magnificent Terracotta Army, Buddhist sculpture, tomb carvings, architectural sculpture, exchange with foreign cultures and Chinese sculpture today. Chinese Sculpture takes the reader through the unique aesthetic features of sculpture in China, arguing that the evolution of this sculpture parallels the development of Chinese culture through history.

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Author Zhao, Wenbing.
Format PB
Series Title Introductions to Chinese Culture
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Imprint Cambridge University Press
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations Illustrations
Publish Date 9/03/2012
Catalogue Jun19
Catalogue book number 25