Christian Symbol and Ritual: An Introduction.

Cooke, Bernard and Macy, Gary.

Picture of Christian Symbol and Ritual: An Introduction.
The authors assume little or no background in Christianity, much like the college/tertiary student of today. They write from a non-denominational perspective and demonstrate that celebration, symbol and ritual are already present in everyday life. They explore different kinds of ritual, eg friendship, worship, and healing, and why some Christian rituals differ from others. From OUP.


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In Christian Symbol and Ritual, Bernard Cooke and Gary Macy offer an accessible and engaging introduction to the topic written from a non-denominational perspective. Cooke and Macy demonstrate that celebration, ritual, and symbol are already central to our lives, even though most do not see their actions as symbolic or ritualistic. They connect central Christian symbols to the symbols and rituals already present in everyday life and place Christian theology in a familiar context. After discussing the characteristics and functions of rituals, they explore different kinds of ritual, including those of friendship, worship, and healing. The authors also examine such questions as how rituals establish and maintain power relationships, how "official" rituals are different from "popular" Christian rituals and devotions, and how Christian rituals function in the process of human salvation. Christian Symbol and Ritual is an invaluable resource for students, teachers, and lay readers.

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Author Cooke, Bernard and Macy, Gary.
Format HC
Publisher Oxford University Press Inc
Imprint Oxford University Press Inc
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations black & white illustrations
Publish Date 22/09/2005
Catalogue Nov19
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