Christmas 1914: The First World War at Home and Abroad.

Hudson, John.

Picture of Christmas 1914: The First World War at Home and Abroad.
Hudson’s extensive archival research shows just how strange that first Christmas of the war was. There are two facts about Christmas 1914 that are known by all. One is that the war would be over by then and festive peace would be celebrated around home fires, and the other is that extraordinary truce, Schnapps and cigarettes with the enemy in no-man’s land after which both sides had to replace their frontlines when the original men on both sides refused to fight. Full of historic insights this is a timely reminder of what war really means.


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By December 1914, it had become clear to even the most optimistic observer that the war would not be over by Christmas. That month brought the first enemy inflicted deaths on the home front, when German warships bombarded three north-east coastal towns; meanwhile, the recently invented aeroplane was being put to fearsome use in raids over the south east. In Europe, Mons, the Marne and Ypres had given a taste of the devastating power of modern warfare - a reality to which troops in the trenches on both sides tried to turn a blind eye in the famous Christmas truce. This book uses contemporary newspapers and magazines, diaries and other records to present a comprehensive image of this extraordinary Christmas, both at home and abroad.

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