Clubbing Again.

Pielichaty, Helena.

Picture of Clubbing Again.
Two novels in one volume for girls aged 8-11 from the fantastically popular Swedish-English author. The friends from the After School Club are described with sympathy and humour as they cope with real-life issues. Sammie wants her mum and dad to get back together. Brodie thinks everyone relies on her too much and there's nobody there for her when she needs help. So now Brody's looking after no. 1 and Mr. Fryston can find some other bunny to captain the Book Quiz. Recommended. From OUP.


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A bumper bind-up of two fantastic stories about the friends from the After School Club. In 'Sammie's Back', all Sammie wants is for her mum and dad to get back together - so she makes a wish and tries to make it come true. But the reality is not nearly as good as the dream, and when things go horribly wrong Sammie feels like a failure. Especially as all her friends seem to have such perfect families - why can't hers be like that? Brody's also having problems in 'Brody's Back' - she's finding life a bit hard. Everyone always relies upon her - but there's nobody there for her when she need some help. Even her best buddy's let her down. She decides that enough's enough - Mrs Fryston can find someone else to captain the Book Quiz, and all the others can just get off her case.

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Author Pielichaty, Helena.
Format PB
Publish Date 00/01/1900
Catalogue Mar17
Catalogue book number 33