Coke: The Biography.

Naish, Natalia and Scott, Jeremy.

Picture of Coke: The Biography.
Recounts the sweeping history of cocaine since its first appearance. Its more notorious users include Sigmund Freud, Kate Moss, and Amy Winehouse and it has been alternately glorified as a miraculous cure-all and demonised as the cause of society’s failings. This is neither moralistic nor condoning.


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`Cocaine's not addictive, darling. I should know, I've been taking for years.' That airy disclaimer uttered by Tallulah Bankhead echoes ironically today. The coca plant was named the Tree of Life. Cocaine, first extracted in 1860, was greeted by the world as a wonder drug. Sigmund Freud embraced it as a remedy for almost every ailment; some believed it a cure for the human condition itself. By 1900 cocaine formed the basis to several hundred brands of patent medicines and was the preferred pick-me-up of the Belle Epoque.

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Author Naish, Natalia and Scott, Jeremy.
Format HC
Publisher Biteback Publishing
Imprint Robson Press
Number of Pages 288
Publish Date 3/06/2013
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