Confederate Currency.

Fricke, Pierre.

Picture of Confederate Currency.
There were around 70 different types of Confederate banknotes, issued over four years from February 1861.They are highly prized and sought after by collectors and historians. This concisely describes the history and circumstances in whish they were created, and many are illustrated.


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On February 4, 1861, the Confederate States of America was formed, and almost immediately the first Confederate notes were printed - the famous "Montgomery" notes. These would be followed by many designs over the next four years. The seventy different designs or "type" notes are eagerly sought today by collectors, historians and family historians, and a collection of Confederate currency offers fascinating insights into the tumultuous Civil-War period. Pierre Fricke examines these series of Confederate notes, highlighting the history and circumstances in which they were created. This easy-to-read, fun and educational book offers an introduction to the often beautiful notes that financed the Confederacy.

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Author Fricke, Pierre.
Format PB
Series Title Shire Library USA
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Imprint Shire Publications
Number of Pages 56
Illustrations 80 col
Publish Date 19/06/2012
Catalogue LDec8
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