Contemporary Sociology.

Holborn, Martin (ed.).

Picture of Contemporary Sociology.

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Contemporary Sociology is an introductory textbook with angles and arguments. Responding to the need for a different kind of introductory textbook, it provides more focused, in-depth explorations of the most exciting and contemporary aspects of sociology. The 21 chapters, written by leading experts in each field, offer a thought-provoking portrait of sociology. Each chapter tackles key issues at the centre of contemporary sociological research in an exceptionally clear, engaging and relevant way, focusing on critical approaches and analyses. The book includes: A strong focus on making sociological thinking relevant to the contemporary world Illustrative examples and analysis of recent real-world events Coverage of all major sociological topics of continuing or emerging interest, from class, ethnicity and global social change to human rights, the environment, and science and technology Carefully thought-out questions and further readings to probe understanding and encourage critical thinking Additional, regularly updated online resources Contemporary Sociology is a serious yet accessible text and should be required reading for both new and more advanced undergraduates. It will fire students' imaginations to explore the latest dynamics driving the study of our social world.

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Author Holborn, Martin (ed.).
Format PB
Publisher Polity Press
Imprint Polity Press
Number of Pages 720
Publish Date 24/04/2015
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