Creation: Artists, Gods and Origins.

Conrad, Peter.

Picture of Creation: Artists, Gods and Origins.
A study of the origins of life and of the world in which Conrad investigates how the world began, where we came from and the curious enigma of what we call imagination and the emergence of works of art. He begins with the differing accounts of creation, the demise of the Christian God, and shows how artists and scientists were ready to play a role in what was once a heavenly prerogative. Numerous b/w illustrations.


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Throughout history artists, writers and musicians - 'creative' people - have tried to outdo God or the Gods in the acts of creation. This extraordinarily wide-ranging study traces the different concepts of creation in Western civilization, following the struggle between man and god for the right to create, and even the right to create gods. Along the way it becomes what is in essence a new history of Western civilization, a series of thirty-three chapters brimming with ideas, insights and erudition. It touches upon religion, art and artistry, alchemy, mystical traditions, opera, film, literature, linguistics, psychoanalysis, psychology and physics, among many other things, exploring what it means to create, as well as the popular myths of creation from every conceivable angle. The result is a breathtaking overview of man's uncrushable impulse to create, and his endless rivalry with the gods.

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Author Conrad, Peter.
Format HC
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Imprint Thames & Hudson Ltd
Number of Pages 592
Illustrations 161 illustrations
Publish Date 17/09/2007
Catalogue Jan19
Catalogue book number 262