Dawdling by the Danube: With Journeys in Bavaria and Poland.

Enfield, Edward.

Picture of Dawdling by the Danube: With Journeys in Bavaria and Poland.
At the age of 70, the author embarks on a cycling trip through Germany and Austria. Try and imagine a much mellower, very kindly-disposed, quite English version of Bill Bryson and you’ll get the feel of this gentle travel chronicle through fascinating parts of Europe.


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I had thought for some time that there must be something funny about Germany because, except for hard-drinking types at the Munich beer festival, I had never heard of anybody going there for a holiday. This was, in my view, the first of two advantages. There are travellers who, when abroad, are delighted to see a fellow countryman. Not I. There are quite enough Englishmen at home without my wanting to run into them abroad. So Edward Enfield sets off on this enjoyable cycling trip, carrying few preconceptions but plenty of wit. Determining the route he should take from recommendations scrawled on a napkin, he starts by following the undulating `Romantic Road' through the woods and cornfields of Bavaria - closely pursued by fellow countrymen in the form of a television camera crew. After a solo jaunt around the rural backroads and Mazurian Lakes of Poland, stopping to enjoy the delights of Krakow, it's on to Austria, where he rides along the pleasant banks of the Danube from Passau to Vienna, taking in castles and baroque churches and sampling splendid wine en route. And, as Edward amply reveals in this charming book, there is no place from which to see a country that is nearly as good as the saddle of a bicycle.

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Author Enfield, Edward.
Format PB
Publisher Summersdale Publishers
Imprint Summersdale Publishers
Number of Pages 320
Publish Date 3/03/2008
Catalogue Apr19
Catalogue book number 296