Douglas Haig: 'The Preparatory Prologue' 1861-1914: Diaries and Letters.

Douglas, Scott (ed.).

Picture of Douglas Haig: 'The Preparatory Prologue' 1861-1914: Diaries and Letters.
As an historical figure, Field Marshall Douglas Haig remains hugely controversial but this work provides a deep insight into his life and mindset. Being a prolific writer, his voluminous letters and diaries from the beginning of his career until the outbreak of the First World War proved to be an enormous undertaking for Scott. Will appeal to those interested in military history.


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As a young officer in the prestigious 21st Lancers (motto 'Death or Glory') Douglas Haig played a leading role in Kitchener's bold expedition which ended in the defeat of the Khalifa of Sudan at Omdurman. He described the action, as he did the whole campaign, vividly in words and diagrams which survived virtually untouched at the family home Bemersyde in the Borders. These letters and diaries allow the reader to trace Haig's career and developing character. What they reveal may well surprise his critics. Field Marshal Lord Haig will remain a hugely controversial figure due to his pre-eminent role during The Great War. He was a hugely popular public figure in the post WW1 years and revered by those who served under him. His death in 1928 was a major occasion for mourning. Only later was he heavily criticised for the slaughter of the trenches.

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