Downsizing: Is Less Still More?.

Cooper, Cary L. and Pandey, Alankrita and Quick, James Campbell.

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Downsizing is one of the most frequently used business strategies for reducing costs, returning firms to profit or for restructuring businesses following takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. Downsizing measures are also set to become much more prevalent in the public sector as governments seek to restrict levels of public spending. This book is one of the first to provide a thorough study of downsizing from a global perspective. It examines the phenomenon in its entirety, exploring how it is initiated and what the process of downsizing looks like. It also looks at the effects of downsizing at a number of different levels, from the individual (e.g., motivational effects, effects on health and stress levels) to the organizational (e.g., financial outcomes, reputational and productivity outcomes). Written by an international team of experts, the book provides a comprehensive overview of downsizing that examines both the strategic and human implications of this process.

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Author Cooper, Cary L. and Pandey, Alankrita and Quick, James Campbell.
Format HC
Series Title Cambridge Companions to Management
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Imprint Cambridge University Press
Number of Pages 460
Illustrations 24 b/w illus. 15 tables
Publish Date 1/04/2012
Catalogue Cam43
Catalogue book number 8