Dr. Cocktail: 50 Spirited Infusions to Stimulate the Mind and Body.

Ott, Alex.

Picture of Dr. Cocktail: 50 Spirited Infusions to Stimulate the Mind and Body.
In addition to spirits, the cocktails contain nourishing natural ingredients such as fruit, herbs, and spices. They are presented under such headings as: Appetizing Libations; Anti-Stress Cocktails and Mental Health Elixirs; Drinking the Fountain of Youth; Aphrodisiacs and Magic Tinctures; Memory-Evoking Elixirs; and Healing Juices.


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Organic chemist and master mixologist Alex Ott distills his homeopathic and flavor-pairing expertise into delectable, mood-altering cocktails for every occasion. Want to relieve stress, boost energy, or just make an amazing drink? Dr. Cocktail has your fix. Dr. Cocktail features 50 spirited infusions designed to stimulate your mind and body,or just impress your date. In addition to spirits, the author uses natural, accessible ingredients such as fresh fruit, herbs, and spices. Examples include lavender and chamomile to fight insomnia damiana tea for libido boost and fennel-and-lemon infusions to reduce stress. Even if you'd like a perfect cocktail without the alcohol, there are some spirits free drinks, making this book suitable for most every occasion or condition. Set up in an easy-to-follow format, Dr. Cocktail is perfect for casual social occasions and also provides a collection of intriguing new concoctions for professional mixologists. Fully illustrated with colour photography, this is a beautiful and unique book of cocktails that readers will turn to again and again.

Book Details

Author Ott, Alex.
Format HC
Publisher Running Press,U.S.
Imprint Running Press Adult
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations 75 colour photos
Publish Date 27/09/2012
Catalogue MP148
Catalogue book number 29