Dr. Johnson's Dictionary of Modern Life.

Morton, Tom (ed.).

Picture of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary of Modern Life.
In this entertaining update of his original dictionary, the curmudgeonly Dr Johnson takes a sardonic look at all things modern, from David Cameron to barbecue to Crocs (Idiot-Badge for the feet). This is very amusing.


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In 2009 Dr Samuel Johnson made a surprise re-emergence from eighteenth century retirement and began Twittering. It proved the perfect vehicle for his acerbic, aphoristic wit and he has quickly become the darling of the site. "The Guardian" calls him the 'greatest' thing on Twitter and the Telegraph dubs him its 'star'. Our gouty man of letters finds the modern world in a parlous state. It is peopled with fools like 'Raisin-ey'd Tyrant Mister Nick Griffin' and "Baboon-Slayer, Fop, Macaroni, Dandy & Folderol, Mister AA Gill'. His attempts to negotiate a path through the vagaries of modern life do not fare well either - for instance, on a trip to "Mister Liberty's blast'd Haberdashery', upon finding 'all else clad as Lumber-Jacks, I left thwart'd & alone...unwilling to dress as an unmanly Pastiche of Mister Cobain'. In his "Dictionary of Modern Life", our gouty man of letters takes a wickedly funny look at all things modern. From "Top Gear" and the "Daily Mail" to "Dubstep" and "Celebrity Big Brother", nothing escapes his sardonic gaze.

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Author Morton, Tom (ed.).
Format HC
Publisher Vintage Publishing
Imprint Square Peg
Number of Pages 264
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Publish Date 2/09/2010
Catalogue Apr17
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