Drugs Unlimited: The Web Revolution That's Changing How the World Gets High.

Power, Mike.

Picture of Drugs Unlimited: The Web Revolution That's Changing How the World Gets High.
Recounts the birth and development of ‘synthetic drugs’ and how through the Dark Net, selling has become not only rich in terms of profits, but even extremely easy and almost risk-free. Very worrying.


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The very first thing ever bought or sold on the Internet was marijuana, when Stanford and MIT students used ARPANET to cut a deal in the early '70s. Today, you can order any conceivable pill or powder with the click of a mouse. In Drugs Unlimited, Mike Power tells the tale of drugs in the Internet Age, in which users have outmaneuvered law enforcement, breached international borders, and created a massive worldwide black market. But the online market in narcotics isn't just changing the way drugs are bought and sold; it's changing the nature of drugs themselves. Enterprising dealers are using the Web to engage highly skilled foreign chemists to tweak the chemical structures of banned drugs--just enough to create a similar effect and just enough to render them legal in most parts of the world. Drugs are marketed as "not for human consumption," but everyone knows exactly how they're going to be used--what they can't know is whether their use might prove fatal. From dancefloors to the offices of apathetic government officials, via social networking sites and underground labs, Power explores this agile, international, virtual subculture that will always be one step ahead of the law.

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Author Power, Mike.
Format HC
Publisher Thomas Dunne Books
Imprint Thomas Dunne Books
Number of Pages 316
Publish Date 14/10/2014
Catalogue Nov19
Catalogue book number 3