Dude Food.

Levins, Andrew.

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Levins’ philosophy is that food has to be fun, a nice mix of guilty pleasures made with fresh ingredients. Drawing inspiration from his favourite junk food and fast food chains, he cooks them his way adding new ingredients and different cooking methods without changing the original nature of the dish too much. Pulled Pork Bahn Mi, Jalapeno Cream, loads of ‘Dawgs’ and burger recipes will appeal to the relaxed backyard chef who loves entertaining lots of people.


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Andrew Levins has spent years perfecting his recipes for pulled pork, fried chicken and pork ribs, served with a side of his own barbecue sauce or chipotle mayo. Taking the classic bar food that everyone loves and adding a little twist on each recipe, you'll find tips for making the perfect hot dogs, burgers and nachos, plus the best dishes to serve alongside them. For those glorious moments when it's time to indulge, DUDE FOOD is the only cookbook you need to help you prepare all the food and snacks that are perfect for entertaining.

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Author Levins, Andrew.
Format HC
Publisher New Holland Publishers
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Number of Pages 176
Illustrations illustrations
Publish Date 1/11/2014
Catalogue MP139
Catalogue book number 21