Eat Grub: The Ultimate Insect Cookbook.

Radia, Shami et al.

Picture of Eat Grub: The Ultimate Insect Cookbook.
Sally Clouston was passing a healthfood shop the other day when she noticed they were advertising a new product that had recently arrived – ‘Cricket Flour’: and would you believe it but this arrived in the shop at about the same times with lots of recipes using cricket flour (as well as other types of insects). This book emerged from two ordinary guys setting up a company to bring edible insects to Western diners and to overcome people’s perceptions of eating insects. Anyone for cricket flour scones with fresh fruit and clotted cream?


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Learn how to use insect flours to make healthy, gluten-free and protein-rich dishes, and discover how to grill, pruree, grind and fry various insects for maximum flavour.Entomophagy eating insects isn't a new phenomenon. We ve eaten bugs for centuries, and many countries around the world continue to enjoy them in modern cuisine. But insect eating is currently experiencing a rise in popularity. Restaurants are dishing up insects, the UN is publishing reports on the merits of insect-heavy diets and the Nordic Food Lab is exploring how delicious insects can be. The media is now talking about the ethics, the eco and health benefits, and the economic sense behind incorporating entomophagy into our lives.

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Author Radia, Shami et al.
Format HC
Publisher Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Imprint Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations 100
Publish Date 23/03/2016
Catalogue MP116
Catalogue book number 16