Egyptian Mummies.

Taylor, John H.

Picture of Egyptian Mummies.
Explains the religious beliefs that lay behind mummification, with chapters on the evolution of preservation, adornment and magical protection, the symbolism of coffins and tombs, the rituals accompanying embalming and burial, and the role of animal mummies in Egyptian religion. It is richly illustrated with superb examples of ancient funerary art from the British Museum.


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This is a short, illustrated introduction to the ever-fascinating topic of Egyptian mummies, by an international expert. It is a readable, short, but authoritative overview of Egyptian mummification. It deals with perennially popular topic. It is illustrated throughout in colour. The author, a world expert on Egyptian mummification, addresses the most frequently asked questions about Egyptian mummies: how and why they were made, the religious beliefs which underpinned mummification, the preservation of animals, and how the mummies have been treated from ancient times until the present day. He provides an up to date summary of the ancient evidence, and also considers modern attitudes to Egyptian mummies, emphasising their role as a major source of knowledge and understanding about past societies. The text and illustrations draw heavily on the rich collection of mummies and funerary objects in the British Museum, and the findings of a wide range of recent scientific investigations of this collection. The book will therefore reflect the important advances which have been made in the understanding of Egyptian mummies over the last few years. The Author John H. Taylor is a curator of Egyptian antiquities in the British Museum.

Book Details

Author Taylor, John H.
Format PB
Publisher British Museum Press
Imprint British Museum Press
Number of Pages 160
Illustrations 120 colour illustrations
Publish Date 29/11/2010
Catalogue MP116
Catalogue book number 30