Einstein's Berlin: In the Footsteps of a Genius.

Hoffmann, Dieter.

Picture of Einstein's Berlin: In the Footsteps of a Genius.
An engaging and concise tour of a lesser-known Berlin sprinkled with facts about one of the greatest scientific minds of the last century. There are archival texts and extended quotations from Einstein and a wealth of images that allow the reader to visualize the architecture, interiors, and personalities of Berlin when he lived there.


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Lured by a top academic position sponsored by the Prussian Academy of Sciences, Albert Einstein moved from Zurich to Berlin in 1914 and lived there until 1932, just weeks before Hitler became chancellor of Germany. During this fraught economic and political time, Einstein developed the general theory of relativity, gained worldwide fame, supported democratic, socialist, pacifist, and Zionist causes, and withstood the growing ire of ultranationalists. Naturally, he became entwined in a network of people and places throughout the city. With a foreword by Nobel Prize winner Walter Kohn, Einstein's Berlin combines narrative, maps, and period photographs to tell this story in the form of a sophisticated, annotated city guide, allowing readers and travelers to follow the physicist's footsteps throughout Berlin. Dieter Hoffmann conveys how Einstein's life and work were linked to the scientific and social life of the city and inspires the reader to explore the places where he made his mark.

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Author Hoffmann, Dieter.
Format PB
Publisher Johns Hopkins University Press
Imprint Johns Hopkins University Press
Number of Pages 192
Illustrations 2 Line drawings, black and white; 75 Halftones, black and white
Publish Date 22/08/2013
Catalogue Nov19
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