Ever-So-Clever Crosswords.

Wilk, David Levinson.

Picture of Ever-So-Clever Crosswords.
Some people need

crosswords, being unable to start their day without completing The Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, or the New York Times Crossword…really, quite a healthy addiction. This collection is skilfully crafted by one of America’s most crafty cruciverbalists. Answers at the back.


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Spiralbound binding makes the book easy to write in. This fantastically cunning collection makes for great entertainment and smart solving. Created by a master constructor, these 72 ever-so-clever crosswords are brimming with inventive wordplay, tricky clues and mind-melting themes. Each puzzle is a unique challenge of mental agility!

Book Details

Author Wilk, David Levinson.
Format Spiral bound
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co Inc
Imprint Sterling
Number of Pages 96
Publish Date 7/10/2014
Catalogue May19
Catalogue book number 196