Family Camping Cookbook.

Easton, Tiff and Jim.

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This is such an inspiring guide packed with delicious recipes for 85 family-friendly feasts that all work on a camping stove, portable barbecue or open fire. Incl;udes: Soy and Ginger Salmon Packages; Chicken Satay Skewers and Asian Salad; Tuscan Ham, Spinach and Cannellini Stew; Chinese Noodle Soup: and, for desert, Banana, Chocolate and Marshmallow Boats just to name a few.


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Cooking in the big outdoors is one of life's greatest pleasures and it's an indisputable fact that food tastes better outside. While tinned soups and barbecued sausages have their place, a collection of simple, inspiring and delicious recipes such as these can transform the culinary camping experience. Camping is all about simplicity, being outdoors, and taking the best from your surroundings. Away from the humdrum routine that cooking for a family at home becomes, Tiff and Jim Easton show how outdoor cooking can be a great adventure. Wake up and try Barbecued Strawberry Croissants, for example, made with fresh, local strawberries in the early morning sunshine; cook Fish Kebabs for lunch after a long walk along the beach; make a Lamb & Aubergine Tagine to eat around a campfire as the sun sets; and share Chocolate Fondue with Toasted Fruit & Marshmallows afterwards. Use the meal plans, shopping lists and tips on preparing ahead to make your campsite cooking wonderfully simple. And discover recipes that make the best of the fresh, local produce available - whether it's locally-caught fresh fish, or foraged mushrooms. You may have to compromise on comfort, and you may have to walk across a muddy field to get to a cold shower, but with mouth-watering meals, cooked using a few pots and pans from home, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy time with your friends and family. This book is an indispensable accessory to any camping trip.

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Author Easton, Tiff and Jim.
Format PB
Publisher Nourish
Imprint Nourish
Number of Pages 176
Illustrations Illustrations, color
Publish Date 1/03/2013
Catalogue Sep19
Catalogue book number 87