Fashion Insiders' Guide: New York.

Sabas, Carole.

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Even if you aren't a dedicated follower of fashion, you'll enjoy these tips and insights on your visit to NYC. Stroll down the path of the delicious, the novel, the healthy, the adventurous, the quaint and the posh, the hipster and the fashionable. Your stay in New York will definitely

be improved by this guide!


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A former Parisian living in New York, French Vogue correspondent Carole Sabas was often approached by visiting friends and colleagues looking for recommendations on where to get a good blow dry, a quick eyebrow shaping, or a great place to meet friends for drinks after a long day at a fashion show. So many people asked, in fact, that she produced a small guide that she gave out for free and which was filled with all sorts of useful advice. Sabas has now expanded this guide to include sections titled "Eating and Drinking," "Beauty," "Health," "Fashion and Decoration," "Shopping," "Art" and an eclectic selection of odds and ends called "Might Be Useful One Day." Each entry is written with a light touch and in a friendly tone, and includes a description with hints about when to go, who to ask for and what to order, as well as location and contact information. The inclusion of local fashion celebrities' favourite places to frequent leaves the reader confidently in-the-know.

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Author Sabas, Carole.
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Publisher Abrams
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Number of Pages 192
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Publish Date 01/05/2013
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