Felix Culpa: A Novel.

Gavron, Jeremy.

Picture of Felix Culpa: A Novel.
The well-read among you will think this unusually interesting. It is the story of a boy recently released from prison who has been found dead by the writer who is on his trail and is told using lines from a hundred great works of literature. It ‘…patchworks tiny scraps of other novels to create something haunting, resonant, and absolutely original.'


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Whose stories deserve to be told? And whose words should do the telling? In Felix Culpa, Jeremy Gavron conjures up a work of extraordinary literary alchemy- a novel made out of lines taken from a hundred great works of literature. It follows a writer on the trail of a boy recently released from prison, who has been discovered dead in the cold north, frozen and alone. But in searching for the boy's story, will he lose his own? Magical and moving, Felix Culpa is a living demonstration of how storytelling works, by sound and by rhythm, by elision and by omission, as well as by reference and by allusion. It asks what happens when we lose the narrative of our own life, and fall into someone else's.

Book Details

Author Gavron, Jeremy.
Format PB
Publisher Scribe Publications
Imprint Scribe Publications
Number of Pages 208
Publish Date 18/06/2018
Catalogue Mid19
Catalogue book number 6533