Figures in a Landscape: People and Places: Essays 2001 - 2016.

Theroux, Paul.

Picture of Figures in a Landscape: People and Places: Essays 2001 - 2016.
Theroux’s interests are broad, and he finds inspiration not with those who are well-off and can afford to travel first class, but with truck drivers, migrants, prostitutes, farmers, and writers from different corners of the earth. These essays ‘…dig into Theroux’s past…and he interviews both the famous and unsung…’ Brilliant writing.


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Drawing together classic Theroux pieces from the past 14 years, this new collection offers a comprehensive and deeply searching portrait of its acclaimed author - a kind of autobiography through work. Figures in a Landscape ranges from profiles of cultural icons (Oliver Sacks, Elizabeth Taylor, Robin Williams) to intimate personal remembrances; from thrilling adventures in Africa to literary writings from Theroux's rich and expansive personal reading. Collectively these pieces build up a fascinating portrait of Paul Theroux's restless, ever-curious mind.

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Author Theroux, Paul.
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