Flashbacks from the Flow Zone.

Crago, Tom.

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Flashbacks from the Flow Zone tracks author Tom Crago from his early days in Adelaide to Los Angeles, London, Berlin (and other always-on First World cities) as he grows a video game business in the first decade of the new millennium. From crashing the Lingerie Bowl after-party poolside in Hollywood, to making friends inside a Las Vegas limousine and getting bar-side in the underbelly of Tokyo, Tom does more deals in bars than boardrooms and takes readers with him as he parties with the big personalities of his industry. The view at times is hazy, but this is about the ride. Business - it's a trip ... and this is a whole new kind of travel story. A raging, hilarious, anti-memoir, Flashbacks takes a whole new approach to the work trip, where the line between work and pleasure is forever blurred.

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Author Crago, Tom.
Format PB
Publisher Hardie Grant Books
Imprint Hardie Grant Books
Number of Pages 256
Publish Date 1/05/2014
Catalogue MP109
Catalogue book number 13