Food, Wine, Budapest: A Terroir Guide.

Banfalvi, Carolyn.

Picture of Food, Wine, Budapest: A Terroir Guide.
Hungarians are passionate about food and wine says the author, and its cuisine is under-appreciated. This will help you find the best that Hungary has to offer, a superb gastronomic guide to the capital that includes dozens of restaurants, café and shop reviews, plus mouth-watering descriptions of Hungarian dishes and wines.


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Budapest is a city reborn and now experiencing a culinary renaissance in the hands of a new generation of talented chefs and winemakers. Food Wine Budapest is the first culinary guide to the capital and includes dozens of restaurant, cafe, and shop reviews; descriptions of Hungarian dishes and wines; local color and in-depth information; and all the vocabulary you'll need (including a glossary of Hungarian food) to insure memorable eating and drinking experiences. Despite its vast repertoire, variety, and recipes bursting with flavor, Hungarian cuisine is one of the most under-appreciated and unknown European cuisines. There are few Hungarian restaurants outside the country so those who are interested in discovering Hungarian cuisine (and any food lover should be!) must go to Hungary to sample everything firsthand, prepared with real Hungarian ingredients. Despite the fact that last year more foreign tourists visited the city than ever before (36.6 million), there are still no guidebooks written in English focusing on Budapest restaurants and Hungarian food. This book is a practical guide that will ensure that readers have memorable eating and drinking experiences. Throughout the book there are also sidebars providing local color and in-depth information.

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Author Banfalvi, Carolyn.
Catalogue Apr12
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