From Here to Infinity: A Vision for the Future of Science.

Rees, Martin.

Picture of From Here to Infinity: A Vision for the Future of Science.
The Master of Trinity College, Cambridge has based this book on his 2010 Reith lectures. As he offers a clear picture of the future of science, he tackles such diverse subjects as the human brain, the possibility that humans will colonise other planets, and the existence of extraterrestrial life. A clear and uncomplicated work from the famous cosmologist.


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Science is often portrayed as an obscure, difficult discipline, governed by elite researchers and inaccessible to the general public. In this riveting, inspiring new book, preeminent astrophysicist Martin Rees overturns this view, urging improved communication between researchers and laypeople. In order to shape debates over healthcare, energy policy,space travel, and other vital issues, ordinary citizens must develop a "feel" for science-the one truly global culture-and engage directly with research rather than relying on pundits' and politicians' interpretations. Recognized as an expert on the political and ethical impact of science, Rees demonstrate show we must solve the new challenges we face-from population growth to climate change-by devising strategies with a long-term, global perspective. In the process, he offers insights into the prospects for future discoveries while also explaining science's intrinsic limits. Just as importantly, Rees reminds us that science should be a source of pleasure and wonder for specialists and nonspecialists alike.

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Author Rees, Martin.
Format HC
Publisher WW Norton & Co
Imprint WW Norton & Co
Number of Pages 144
Publish Date 18/06/2012
Catalogue Jul18
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